Felix Rey

Felix Rey is is a structural biologist (PhD in 1988 at Paris XI + 7 years post-doc at Harvard university) specialized in the structure of viral glycoproteins. He became a Junior PI in 1995, working at the CNRS in Gif-sur-Yvette (Paris area), where in 1999 he became Director of the CNRS Laboratory of Structural and Molecular Virology. In 2004, he joined Institut Pasteur Paris as Head of the Virology Department (which he directed until 2012), and in parallel he launched the Structural Virology Unit, which he still directs today.  His main research focus has been understanding how viral envelope glycoproteins are recognized by potently neutralizing antibodies, in order to develop potent immunogens for reverse vaccinology approaches, for instance for the viruses causing dengue and Zika disease. In addition, his lab studies how these envelope proteins induce membrane fusion, as well as their evolutionary relations with eukaryotic cell-cell fusion proteins. Felix Rey had multiple awards and honors throughout his scientific career and was elected member of the French Academy of Sciences, of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO), of the Academia Europaea,and is a founder member of the European Academy of Microbiology. He was awarded the Beijerink prize in Virology by the Roya Dutch Academy of Sciences in 2014.