Rob Hoeben

Professor Hoeben has a long-term interest in viruses and stem cells and their use for therapy of acquired and inherited diseases. He made several contributions to this field. He documented the unexpected hepatotoxicity of the HSVtk/GCV enzyme prodrug combination in rat models for liver cancer and the involvement of mitochondria herein. He studied the interaction of adenoviruses with the immune system and developed the ‘911’ helper cell line for production of research-grade adenoviral vectors. In collaboration with scientists at Crucell (Leiden), his group established the PER.C6 cell line as a basis for a new adenovirus-production platform. This system has become a world standard for the production of clinical-grade biologicals. Current research is focused on the development of targeted virus vectors for treatment of cancer. More recently, he embraced reoviruses as oncolytic agents, and uses genetic modification and bioselection strategies for improving their safety and selectivity. In addition his group develops gene-editing technology for use in genetic disorders and immune evasion strategies in type I diabetes. His lab operates the LUMC Viral-Vector Facility, which produces research-grade Adenovirus and Lentivirus vectors for research groups in the Leiden area.