Vera Ros

Vera Ros is Assistant Professor at the Laboratory of Virology, Wageningen University and Research (The Netherlands). She is interested in the evolution of host-parasite interactions, with a strong focus on interactions between arthropods and micro-organisms. She studies virus – insect interactions, focusing on virus-induced manipulation of insect host behaviour. Her work is aimed at clarifying which viral genes modify host behaviour, and which pathways in the host transduce the virus-induced signal into a change in behaviour. In addition, she studies viral invasion of insect brains to manipulate host behaviour. This work will aid the design of effective biocontrol strategies for insect pests, since insect behaviour is of crucial importance in agricultural settings. Furthermore, her research includes the study of covert (persistent or latent) virus infections in insects (having a huge impact on mass rearing of insects) and of ecological implications of baculovirus infections. In 2017, Dr. Ros received the Early Career Award from the Society for Invertebrate Pathology (SIP), recognizing uprising scientists in the field of insect pathology. Currently, she is active within committees of the SIP and of The Netherlands Entomological Society.