The European Virus Archive goes Global

Originally funded in 2009, the European Virus Archive goes Global (EVAg) is a non-profitinfrastructure project financed by the European Commission, working as a consortium of 26 laboratories (16 European, and 10 non-european) and 12 associated partners.

Our missions are:

  • To collect, amplify, characterize, standardize and authenticate viruses to develop and maintain the largest active globally accessible virus archive
  • To facilitate easy access to viruses and critical derived products and services for the benefit of science, medicine, industry and public health

EVAg collection of viruses, derived materials and services operates through a virtual infrastructure based on a website and a web-based catalogue. To ensure the best quality, we have defined and established a set of of best practice quality guidelines adopted by the consortium partner collections to guarantee the supply of authenticated and quality-controlled resources to users and harmonised service levels across the consortium

What have we done so far ?

More than 2500 products on the catalogue.

More than 2000 products distributed to 500 teams in 66 countries.

More than 100 peer-reviewed publications have acknowledged EVA.

Active actor, under the WHO umbrella, during some of the latest virus outbreaks: MERS-CoV, Ebola, Zika

Today among the largest active virtual virus collection worldwide

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